The Private Practice Roadmap

Get set to launch your new private practice with the Private Practice Roadmap as your ultimate step-by-step guide. From the initial groundwork to the exhilarating moment of opening your practice doors, this program is your ticket to crafting a flourishing new practice from scratch.

For therapists aiming to amplify their existing practice and expand their caseload, my other course, Marketing for Therapists, presents a tailored set of specialized marketing strategies. Find out more HERE.
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Not only did Kelley's step by step course give me the knowledge needed for each different phase of building my practice, but it was motivating and encouraging as well.

Victoria DuBarry

The Roadmap exceeded my expectations…I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to everyone. It consolidates information that is not taught in graduate school or in your supervision setting.

Marika Joubert

It has been so great referring back to what I learned from the course to further improve my business. So grateful for this course and I HIGHLY recommend it to those starting private practices!

Josephine Ampaw
CEO / Founder

"Aut dicta commodi nostrum quidem delectus molestiae ad et ex odit."

CEO / Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an associate, intern, or psych assistant. Will I still get value out of this course?

YES! If you are planning to have a private practice anytime in the future...this course will benefit you

I'm a life coach, dietician, doctor, or SLP. Will I still get value out of this course?

This course is specifically created for therapists. However, approximately 80% of the content applies to almost any healthcare or wellness professional looking to build a private practice. If you participate in the first 3 modules and still don't feel this course is right for you, I offer a full refund. (NOTE: refund requests MUST be submitted within 2 days of purchase, so please review the course as soon as you buy it to make sure it is the right option for you!).

I follow you on Instagram, does this course feature anything different than what you post?

Yes, although I offer a lot of free advice and content on Instagram, this course is much more detailed, structured, and geared toward a therapist looking to get serious about opening a private practice soon. My Instagram content is designed to be supplemental to the content covered in this course.

What modules are included in this course?

Module 1- Welcome to The Private Practice Roadmap Module 2 - The Private Practice Mindset Module 3 - Defining your Niche Module 4 - The Nitty Gritty Details Module 5 - How to set your fee and manage your finances Module 6 - Offices, Phones, and Telehealth Module 7 - Using Simple Practice for Your Documentation, Billing, and Scheduling • Module 8 - Relational Marketing and Community Building Module 9 - Online Marketing Module 10 - Converting A Phone Call into an appointment Module 11 - After the first session.

What workbooks are included in this course?

The Roadmap Course comes with a PDF course workbook. Additionally, you'll receive a copy of the PDF Niche Workbook in the niche module.

Does the Roadmap Course include the scripts e-book?

No, the Roadmap Course does not include my Scripts e-book, Say It Like a Pro, but includes special coupon codes for all my other products in the course workbook.

Do you discuss insurance paneling in this course?

No, this course teaches you how to build a cash-pay private practice.

Is this course self paced?

Yes. You can take this course on your own time. Some therapists complete the course in just a few weeks while others revisit it month after month.

Does this course include a Simple Practice subscription?

This course does not include a Simple Practice subscription. However, we do give you a link to a special discount.

Will you teach me how to work the Simple Practice Webpage?

We include a free bonus module filmed by Simple Practice that introduces their software and explains what features they offer for billing, documentation, and scheduling. This video is an overview of how to use their services in private practice but doesn’t teach you how to use the actual software. However, we provide you with a link to their free tutorials where you can learn to use Simple Practice if you decide to use them.

Do you discuss what type of business structure I should have (S-Corp, Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnership etc.) ?

Although some private practice consultants will offer advice on this topic, this course recommends speaking with a small business attorney as well as your personal accountant. I’ll provide you specially designed and detailed questions to ask them on this topic. This decision is based on the laws of the state/country you practice in and your very specific financial situation. Different business structures provide different liability considerations, tax considerations, and legal considerations. Any private practice coach who provides direct advice on this topic runs the risk of providing information that is outside of their scope, so I’d recommend speaking to a CPA or small business attorney.

Does the Roadmap Course include the paperwork needed to start a private practice?

No the Roadmap Rourse does not include paperwork, but includes 50% OFF coupon code for the paperwork packet. This code is located in your course workbook.

Does this course include templates for private practice forms?

This course includes a bonus module taught by Simple Practice. Simple Practice is an electronic health record, and contains a template library with dozens of pre-made templates that were created to streamline your documentation process. The templates are organized into three categories: Progress Notes, Intake Forms, and Assessments. Additionally, you can find free copies of these forms on the websites of most state licensing boards and/or professional organizations.